Furniture Refinishing & Design in Costa Mesa, California

Experience the magic of a wonderful Italian craft handed down through five generations since the late 1800s. Fallani And Son in Costa Mesa, California, specializes in antique furniture refinishing and design. In addition to restorations, we create antique reproductions from photos. 

Value & Beauty
Reveal the true potential of an antique furniture piece through our restoration process. We increase its value while creating a piece that will receive a lifetime of admiration in your home. All of our restoration work is 100% guaranteed.

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Five Generations
The founder of our trade, Agostino Fallani from Via Dei Serragli in Florence, Italy, taught the fine art of furniture refinishing at Gli Artigianelli. His son Guido Fallani followed this tradition and later moved to Rome in 1930.

Guido passed his knowledge on to his son Walter Fallani, who continued to perfect the family's artistic method. Today, this style is kept alive by Mauro, Franco, and Vincenzo Fallani and shared with the people of Southern California.




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